MyCustomCRM is led by Certified Advanced System Administrator, Taylor Cervantes.  Taylor graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Business and Marketing.  She has been working since she was 16, gaining experience in retail, banking, nonprofits, advertising and sales.  Always excelling in IT she bridged her experience in business, sales, marketing and IT by starting a Salesforce independent consulting business in 2010.  After years of successful implementations and happy customer referrals she was able to grow the business into the. company that it is today.


"I love my job.  In this line of work I get to be super organized, and I am constantly meeting new people and being presented new challenges to overcome.  There is never a dull moment and I love every minute of it."


When Taylor is not working she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family, and trying new things.  Her most recent adventure: taking helicopter flying lessons.  (Note to readers, in an emergency, don't let Taylor fly you to safety.)

What our clients say

 -- Rod Voegele, President of Gatorwraps

"When our company decided on a new CRM to build better customer service through a professional data base, we chose Salesforce because of it's ability to allow us to customize it to our business, and to measure our production and sales.

We quickly learned we needed an expert to set this up for us.  My Custom CRM was able to set up the system, customize reports, and teach us how to navigate the system, and have us up and running.  Their expertise allowed our staff to focus on our daily operations and make a smooth transition from our old system to Salesforce with ease.  As we grow, we still rely on My Custom CRM to help us with new apps and features and keep our business growing."

 -- Jen Kuo, Manager at TOMS

"Taylor played a vital role in helping us improve our workflow and productivity.  She is a great listener and asked fundamental questions to help better understand what our needs were with our Salesforce platform. With her skills and expertise, she successfully built systems and procedures that not only helped us to organize our database, but also track our ROI with marketing efforts. She definitely went above and beyond our expectations with customizing Salesforce to accommodate our usage with the unique TOMS business model.  Taylor exemplifies a great attitude and admirable work ethics. I am impressed with her professionalism and the personal touch that she adds to her work, which demonstrates that not only can she get the job done; she also truly cares about helping her clients achieve their goals. It was a pleasure working with Taylor and I’m honored to have had the opportunity!"


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